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An original in the making!

Created in July 2010, Can’t Wait Cards draw their inspiration from a series of original birthday cards sent to a niece approaching her tenth birthday.

The first card was mailed about a month before the actual birthday and featured a big “1” on the cover. Every three days, another card that focused on the next number in the count-up to 10 would go out in the mail. Our niece’s anticipation grew as she checked the mailbox every day!

As simple as sign, stamp & send

Can’t Wait Cards are fun for kids and easy for you. All you need to do is sign, stamp and send. You can mail cards every few days, every day, or all at once. Each envelope is numbered so that the birthday child can open them in order. The messages inside Can’t Wait Cards are meant to bring a smile and even a giggle as they focus on the special day that’s on its way.

The age of anticipation

Everyone likes to be remembered on their birthday. And kids ages 4 to 12 are filled with the most eager anticipation, which often begins weeks ahead of time. That feeling of anticipation inspired the current Can’t Wait Cards birthday line. Each age specific card measures 4.25" x 5.5", is printed on glossy card stock and is designed, written and printed with care, for the cheer of Can’t Wait Kids everywhere.

Be the hit of the celebration!

When you send an age specific birthday series from Can’t Wait Cards you’re sure to strike the right chord because:

1. Kids love attention on their birthdays
2. Kids love to get mail
3. Kids love to feel special
4. You get the satisfaction of sending a unique and memorable greeting

We hope that you and all the Can’t Wait Kids who receive these cards get as much enjoyment from them as we did creating them.

The Original Can't Wait Cards

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